Brouwerij SterkensThe Sterkens family has brewed beer in Belgium since 1651. Over 14 generations of tradition and experience have culminated in a stellar repertoire of authentic Belgian Ales.

The Golden, Dark, and Grand Réserve of their St. Sebastiaan line honors the rich tradition of Belgian abbey ales, while the Bokrijks, Poorter and White recipes take their inspiration from Belgium’s rich history of regional brewing styles.

St. Sebastiaan GoldenSt. Sebastiaan DarkSt. Sebastiaan Grand RéserveBokrijksHoogstraten Poorter

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The Bottles
Brouwerij Sterkens is one of the few breweries in the world that continues the tradition of bottling in ceramic bottles. Why? All of Sterkens products are bottle-conditioned, meaning that secondary fermentation of the beer occurs in the bottle. These beautiful and durable bottles – sometimes called “crocks” – provide an optimal environment for the beer between the brewery and your glass. The pressure is properly maintained by the strength of the real earthenware material, whose thermal properties ensure that the temperature fluctuations have a minimal impact on the ale. Finally, the opaque material prevents any light from affecting the properties of the beer inside.

These fine ales are ready to enjoy of the shelf, but are equally marvelous after a stint in your cellar.

To accomodate demand for their beers in a traditional package, Brouwerij Sterkens offers a classic Belgian Wit – Sterkens White Ale – in a typical glass bottle in a 4 pack.

Sterkens White 4 pack