Brouwerij De Troch is renowned the world over for it’s wide variety of fruit lambic beers.  After tasting aging lambic from the oak casks at his brewery, brewer Pauwel Raes carefully blends together these spontaneously fermented beers with natural fruit juices.  The results — a family of unique and delicious fruit beers!

De Troch Chapeau Fruit Lambics

Alongside the flagship cherry-fruited Kriek are the pineapple juice flavored Exotic, Banana, Pêche, Pêche, Framboise (Raspberry), Fraises (Strawberry), Abricot, and Mirabelle (Plum.)


The New York Times

Kriek Chapeau (3 stars) and Abricot Chapeau (3 1/2 stars) were reviewed in ALES OF THE TIME; Lambics: Beers Gone Wild in the May 3rd 2006 issue of The New York Times.